Saturday, June 25, 2011

Give Me A Letter: I

I'm getting a hang of this. I think this little activity makes me more aware of myself and what I like! Ooh! Kind of like a getting-to-know-you stage... Only it's with myself. Aww. Cue violin.

1. Internet. Whoever invented the world wide web is a freakin genius! Whoever you are, you are well appreciated! A single website alone opens a WORLD that you never knew existed.. such as: THIS NEXT
2. Ice water. I was unsure about putting this up here cause of my love-hate relationship with ICE cold water, but at the moment I'm having a glass and it's totally refreshing. . . Ahhhh. . . But usually I drink hot water after I eat. It was advised, from what I heard.
3. Interaction. For starters, it can be awkward, but once the chemistry sets in, it is completely liberating. It. is. fun!
4. You'd think ice cream should be part of the list, but to tell you honestly I don't always crave for it as some people do. It is the same for chocolates! I crave for fruits much more than cakes and pastries! :o) So my last I is: ISLANDS. Back in college, I went to Grenada for a missions trip and I was fascinated with how tiny the island is! OMG! It was absolutely beautiful down there. If I can find pictures, Ill gladly post them up. I wish to go to Maldieves Island someday! OMG!!! OMGGG!!! It's sooo beautiful!
1. IPIS! Cucaracha!!! Cockroaches!!! I don't understand why we have frequent visitors when our house is not filthy!
2. Insecurities. Everybody has at least ONE thing that makes them feel insecure. It may not be something that constantly vexing the person, but at least something that makes one go, "I don't feel I'm good enough... I don't feel pretty... " Insecurities are a pain in the neck and one must realize that insecurities are lies and mere creations of our imaginations. . . They may be true to an extent, because after all man is not perfect like God who is extremely beautiful and extremely capable in doing everything, but we have the power to illuminate the negative twice more and to turn it into some kind of tyrant who recklessly rules our hearts. It must not be that way. . . Everything starts with our eyes... Then our mind... Thus our behavior follows. Whew. --- I must do a whole different post on this topic.
3. Impatience --- I need to change that!
4. Incompetence. I put this pressure on myself sometimes. It's not very good!

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