Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving Forward

I'm listening to this song, Moving Forward by Israel Houghton and AHHHHHH. . . aside from the fact that is sounds great, the words are just PERFECT for people who has had a difficult past or a life that was without Christ.

I've never experienced suffering to the highest level, but I know how it feels to feel pain and cry myself to sleep. I know how it feels to be anxious and lose all appetite for things that make life interesting, happy, and beautiful. Pain and suffering are the two main things that make God popularly disliked, but they are also the very things that can draw one to Him.

This weekend I was at a college camp as a counselor and amidst the many complicated, heavy questions and issues, I came up with a few insights:
  • Sin has made this world unpredictable and ugly. Perhaps, if God came to the rescue in every bit of crisis, faith wouldn't be exercised and God would appear rather desperate for our approval of Him. A King doesn't act as such. Though God is almighty and powerful, He still has limits in the sense that he cannot force anyone to love him back. 
  • God owns the WORLD. He is the Master of everything and He has His own schedules, timetable, etc. As an artist decides to make a curve line rather than a straight line because he envisions the whole masterpiece, God is in control of our lives and He sees the OVERALL picture - the BIG picture. And because of that, you are left with a choice to TRUST in Him because He knows and you DONT.
  • God is real and near. It's just us who has a problem in forgetting and hearing and LOOKING for "God-signs" everyday. Sometimes we complain about him being far away when He just saved you from being late at work or when He just blessed you with great friendships.
  • "Your view of God, determines your view of life." - quote from one of the Pastors. 
Knowing all these will not automatically make life better or lighter, but one thing is for sure IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER if we all change our perspective. Really really.

Moving Forward  
by Israel Houghton
What a moment
You have brought me to
Such a freedom I have found in You.
You're the healer
Who makes all things new
Yeah yeah

I'm not going back
I'm moving ahead
Here to declare to you
My past is over in You
All things are made new
Surrendered my life to Christ
I'm moving moving forward

You have risen
With all power in Your hands
You have given me
A second chance

Hallelujah hallelujah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm not going back
I'm moving ahead
I'm here to declare to you
My past is over in you
All things are made new
Surrendered my life to Christ
I'm moving, moving forward

You make all things new
You make all things new
And I will follow You

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Parents!!!

Dear Parents, 

I am VERY VERY thankful to God that you are still together and we are still a family.  Because of your healthy marriage, I'm thankful that I'm not "dysfunctional" or problematic when it comes to love! :o) I look forward to having my own someday (wink wink) and I just praise God for both of you! 

Happy anniversary and I pray for good health, strength, love, patience, and MORE LOVE!!!

Here's to 32 years of awesome de Guia lovin!
At the top of Mt. Sinai, Egypt
Going down, finally!!!
Where else!?
Boracay, January 1, 2011
Last Day, Boracay 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stephanie Dan

So... I'm excited for my friend... Her name is Stephanie Dan (we call each other PANGGA for "MAHAL" in Ilonggo) and she's coming out with her FIRST album soon. She's doing all covers for now, but once that's out, she'll work on original tracks. I'm so proud of her! These days, she's been busy with all this recording and voice trainings, God bless her. --> I just hope she'll still remember me when she's a super star, dancing and singing for ASAP or Eat Bulaga! WAHAHAHA!

Please support her. If you live in Manila, please request her song, FIREWORK.
For 96.3 FM Txt easy Firework by Stephanie Dan/ Your Message to 2600 or to Facebook.com/easyrock963
For 91.5 FM Txt energy name and location and firework by Stephanie Dan to 2948 or facebook.com/pages/915-energy-fm/209361891502

Isn't she a beauty!???
 Hope you request for her song!

Friday, May 20, 2011

LATE Awesome and Awkward Thursday!

1. Controlling your urge to fall asleep in class and you're going cross-eyed.
2. Walking alone in the mall and a man -OLD MAN- looks at you from head to toe - and back again. Creepeeeh.
3. Walking unknowingly that my shoes are TALKING shoes! :o)
4. Hyperacidity - feel like a granma.
5. Looking pale without artificial coloring (make-up, I mean) and you don't know it.
6. Doing that pouty-modelish face up there... 

1. Completing my first year in masters.
2. Water! What's not to love. In this sweltering heart, water is definitely a gift. 
3. Photography. I am loving it. I'm of course quite amateur with all of this (cause all I own is a simple point and shoot Sony thats like plastic) but who can't appreciate a great picture?
4. Baby sitting twice this week. My nephew is a gift from God.
5. Credit cards. Nuf said.
6. Friends. . . Friends who care, friends who care to listen... who care to CARE... friends who can laugh with you. 
7. Life.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eos Lip Balm

It did a litlee color blocking, too!
I just had way too much fun taking silly photos.
If you live in Manila and would like one of these, let me know, Ill try to order for you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doodle Ladies

If you know me as a student, you will definitely attest to the fact that I love to doodle around my notebook! Yes, I really really really do. Today, I bought "METALLIC" gel pens and it thrilled me to pieces. I was really happy. Even happier to know that someone in the other side of the world is just like me who doodles her heart out and shares it through her blog. Check it out!