Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Third Wheel

Ola ola. Haven't written in a while. My sister's laptop fell into a coma (and still is) and its absence has hindered me from posting new entries despite the fact that I own a laptop. I do most editing stuff on it, so it was quite a loss. For now, I have to reconcile with Mr. hp.

Last Satruday, I was a third wheel to my parents' date. Talk about AWKWARD! Geeez. Jk. It was nice to spend time with them as usual. We had awesome Chinese food for lunch, window shopped, and had coffee, pudding, and a sandwich for merienda
Dad said, "This is how I pose for candid shots..."
Me... contemplating...
Strawberry-cream lollipop. My favorite.
I had to do a collage... all the pictures are on landscape :o)

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