Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Looking through my hard drive and found wonderful pics taken my sister with her Nikon. I could edit them, but, nah, let's just leave it as is.
It is only by His grace that we were able to experience this.
Taken last April 2010

Monday, September 26, 2011

Melissa :o)

I finally got my Patchuli wedges from Melissa
Last PAIR in all branches! WOW.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just what I needed...

Today, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday at El Cirkulo (praise God for his life!) and while he was enjoying the company of his guests, I got to enjoy my very own: FRANCOOO!!!
More pictures to come.
The little booboo's lookin at auntie

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hi Pa!!! Happy birthday!
You don't look like the big 6-0!
I'm happy that you'll get to enjoy your birthday with a bunch of friends and family. It's been a while since we had a grand celebration on your special day. People love you soooo much and I love you! I'm so happy that all these years you've lived a great, pleasing, humble, and simple life and I look up to that. I wish I can be as chill as you are --- but only sometimes cause you're almost like a wall with no feelings. HAHAHA! Jk! But I like you, daddy. You're awesome. I am happy that God has blessed you with a good life all these years. I hope that there will be mooooore to come!! I also pray that the Lord will keep you safe and protect you everyday. I know work has been stressing you out and I pray that the Lord will constantly shower extra grace upon you so that you will be able to fulfill all that you need to do. You're an inspiration!
I can't wait to parteeey!!! HAHAHA!!!
 Happy Birthday, Papa!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's been a while since I last posted and I didn't realize that I have new followers. Cool cool. I feel so popular now. Hahaha (nah, if you really knew how many I have in total, it's quite the opposite! LOL!) Anyhoo, no need to explain my disappearance, let's just get it on!

Awkward: (A list from my experiences at the gym)
1. Gym instructor constantly greeting you with a "Hello Ma'am!" to which you respond with a surprised, "Oh, hey!----????"
2. Same gym instructor trying to have small talk with you and says, "You look so serious right there..." (In tagalog: ang seryoso niyo naman, ma'am.")
3. Different gym instructor getting your phone number from the file and texting you.
4. Gym instructor kindly gives you your locker key which you unknowingly dropped and you go, "THANK YOU!!!---???" then you realize you're not sure which direction to look at cause he's wall-eyed. I wasn't expecting it. I was focused on the key.
5. Buff hulky men at the gym and their skinny legs. What's up with that? 
6. Naked lady bares it all in the locker room. Nuf said.

1. Dad turns 60 on Saturday (Sept 24)!!!
2. New MELISSA PATCHULI wedges!!! Oh I can't wait to wear them! Thank you GOD!!!
3. There's this church, CCF, putting up a school next school year (2012), God-willing, and I'm involving myself in the planning process and it's absolutely exciting!!!
4. American Idol concert!!! WOW!!! I was sooooooooo amazed at such great talent!!! EVERY SINGLE PERSON WAS DEFINITELY "in it to win it!" (as Randy says). Must say, I can't get over how Stefano had to take off his shirt... Like, "HEY people! Been hittin the gym lately!" I mean, c'mon! We can tell youz been workin out.
5. Must brag, second row seats, patron passes! YES!!!
Sorry for the picture-overload! :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Kickin it old school from way back in the 90's! HA! Color Me Badd and All-4-One had a concert yesterday and I must say, they still got it! Haha.  (Yes, they look like a bunch of dads now!)
 Backstage hook ups!
Sing it wit me, "I sweeeeeeeeeearrr.. by the moon and the stars in the sky..."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Huh? Hoe. HOW?

“Their deeds do not permit them to return to their God. A spirit of prostitution is in their heart; they do not acknowledge the Lord.” Hosea 5:4

Sin is like mildew stuck on the tiles of your bathroom, the more you ignore it, the more it piles up and the more it gets tougher to clean.

In verse 4, the heart is described as having a “spirit of prostitution” which thwarts the need to bend down before the Lord. Sin causes us to feel a lot of negative things and it clouds our perspective towards God. It is not an uncommon incident in a believer’s life when we have gone cold towards the Lord. Many times we have chosen a path that we knew would lead us somewhere far from God even if we knew exactly how it would make us feel. When we’ve felt completely dirty and exhausted emotionally, we realize we had no other option but to turn back to God.

The book of Hosea teaches us to evaluate ourselves and ask if we have acted like an adulterer or a prostitute before the Lord. More than the way we behave in school or work, it’s the heart condition that the Lord sees and knows. He knows how far we’ve turned away from God and He knows when we deliberately choose Baal over Him. Constant sinning hardens a person’s heart and spirit, making it difficult to go before the Lord. When our conscience tugs us to go back to God, don’t wait, heed immediately before you find yourself giving into sin habitually. True repentance not only entails the spiritual, but also the emotional and the mental submission before the Lord. Though we find it unbelievable that a Holy and Mighty God would accept us back, we have nothing else to turn to other than His loving arms.

·         What would it take for you to feel that God loves you and wants you back?
·         Why do you think you go back to constant sinning?
·         What are some of the Baals in your life that you think would satisfy you more than God? Can God be the source of that instead?

Yes, I Am One Of Those...

I am one of those who take pictures in the fitting room. I have to. The other day I couldn't decide which top to get. I am usually very indecisive when it comes to buying things and "if I were a boy" I wish I could just walk into a store, grab something wearable and go. DONE.
So what did I get? (I can't believe I'm sharing this, wahaha)
Was it A?
Or C?
If you saw me yesterday, you know what I chose. I like all three. But the first one was too kiddie. I like the color. I like the big HEART, but my fez... it looks too young to be wearin some teenage tee. The next one. Well, Im semi obsessed with animal prints. No complaints. The last one is definitely fun top. Compared to the first one, I think this probably added 5 years to my age, which makes me hmmmm, 22 --- but still not my real age!!! 
SOOO after all that little photoshoot, I had to drop everything, walk it off, and process. LOL.