Post: December 23, 2010, 07:55 PM

This afternoon, I created a blog with a domain name that I wasn't too pleased with. I was impulsive and didn't have a better idea to make my heart jump. So I deleted my account. :o) It's only now that I remembered that I had a site that I have abandoned for a long time and it gave me the perfect idea. Go check it out if you want:

So I copied what I had as it was inspired by a poem that a friend did for me back in 2002:

Lying on my bed, remembering times
When we wrote letters, awaiting replies.
These moments are gone, painfully hollow,
The ocean divides, you're across the globe
You are my muse, an image of beauty
With tar-black hair, the envy of many.
Your eyes sparkle in the darkness of night.
Your crescent smile shines brighter than moonlight.
I recall the sensations, smiling.
No more can I hear your songs like the whale's,
But the songs that you've sung brings back good tales/
However bitter your absence may be,
Sweet aftertaste, a cup of ginger tea
by Matthew Angeles

Anyway, here's to me for publishing my first post!

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