I didn't realize how fun it would be to start a blog. I would like to believe this will be alive for the next 30 years of my life. It would surely be interesting to see how my life story will unfold from being single, to getting married, to having kids, and all the way to AGING lol.

Before starting this blog, I spent some time figuring out my identity (which is actually not a simple task to take on if you don't know yourself, by the way.) But given some time, as Oprah would say, I came to an "epiphany" that copying off from someone's brilliant idea wasn't a bad idea. I decided to steal my blog's name from a friend who composed a poem for me from way back in highschool (saving that for another page). Entitled Ginger Tea, I thought it was a great way to start off my blog. Ginger (the spice) + Tea (the simple) = ME (oh, that was lame but ya kinda get the point - or help me out here :-p).

My blog is an expression of who I am from the inside-out. Just like tea, straight-forward and simple, but can be served with several kicks, I come off that way. What you see is what you get. I'm just. . . . . . interestingly chill. A friend described me as, "kooky" - a word which I never thought to associate myself with. But I guess I am (depending on certain situations or the people I'm with, of course!). Been too often now that people give me weird looks when I do some random, funny thing like as if they didn't know me. HA! Laughter is just too good for the soul, everyone needs it. My job as a preschool teacher demands that I come off this way too, cause who wants a straight-faced, mono-toned preschool teacher anyway!??? (Uhhh. Crickets make some noise.) What you do is pretty much who you are inside, so it's not that easy to separate my career from who I really am. But I can be serious, too you know (probably much more than being cray-cray.) I choose to tone it down a notch and observe life through different lenses. As much as possible, I relate my life in the light of God's Word and work from there. Because we're all a work in progress and no one is perfect, I turn to Him because He's all that I want to be. Another thing closest to my heart is family. All throughout my blog, you will notice how much of a family gal I am. I was raised to enjoy the company of the people I was born with and I value what I have. By the end of the day, family's all you got and by the end of the day, a good pair of shoes should make you feel awesome. I love fashion, though I'm no Rachael Zoe or fashion obsessed geek, I know what's pretty and lovely enough. It's no rocket science to appreciate something that's deemed widely FABULOUS. I like FASHION. Period. But I must say, like tea that's safe and simple, you will not see me wearing fur or tops with tassles.

So, that's that. I hope you enjoy my posts as I enjoy writing them!