Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give Me A Letter: G

I got this idea from a friend on FB (Thanks Ms. Mary Soden Molina!!!) Someone is supposed to give me a letter, but since I'm talking to myself, Ill do the first letter of my blog's name: G

Things I love and dont love with the letter G:
1. GOD! Hollllerrr!!!
2. Double G: Good guys. What's not to admire? I'm just saying there aren't a lot of good guys out there.
3. Double G: Going to the grocery store! Yes, I don't mind it at all.
4. The color GREEN!
5. Grains! I love wheaty stuff!!!

No Te Amo:
1. Throwing out the GARBAGE! I just did it a few minutes ago.
2. Ghost stories. No te quierrooooooo at all.
3. Garlic breathe! Wahaha.
4. Grumpiness. I am learning not to be this way!
5. Feeling groggy!

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