Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awesome and Awkard Thursday!

It's about that taaaym!!!
1. Blind dates? What's not awkward about that. I can still smell the air of awkwardness.
2. Realizing how girly I can be. Ew.
3. Leading praise and worship and not knowing what the heck you're going to say cause your mind goes completely BLANK! Uh-oh! "Just say something --- anything!!!"
4. Hearing my dad say, "I don't want Molly to win!"after watching America's Next Top Model with him! (Cycle 16)
5. Taking a whiff of a guy's body odor to which I respond with a flabbergasted gasp! Seriously. I am very expressive.

1. Repeating outfits! LOL! Budget friendly!
2. The nice cool breeze coming in... just dont bring in rain, Lord! Not too much!!
3. Chicken longganisa! It's really really good!!!
4. Melissa shoes! They're so freaking awesome! Check out the website!
5. Listening to Love Song by Sara Bareilles and Soul Sister by Train over and over again cause I like it so mucho.

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