Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's been HOT HOT HOT!!!

The sudden change of weather is just killing me! Now it's extremely humid and hot. I feel the oils and sweat coming out of my system in this HOT AIR!  Ugh. Anyhoo, I've been missing for the past few days cause I guess you can say, I got a little tired of blogging ---- HUUUWAT!??? --- yeah, I became uninspired cause it's just too hot for photoshoots and what not. LOL!!! Am I being a DIVA? Hah! That's totally not the reason, Im just kidding.  So last Monday, I went to David Archuleta's concert. Yes, he is quite young for my age, but who doesn't appreciate a beautiful voice!?? He is just one sweet heart that I want to carry around in my pocket. He even made this little mistake while playing the piano and went completely blank. Haha, he tried to remember what the next chord was but laughed at himself as if he was playing in front of his friends. He was just adorable. Ugh. He's sweet. --- Do I sound like a crazy obsessed fan? Oh my. I hope not. But I've been stalking my uncle to introduce him to me. "UNNNCLLLLE!!!" 
BUT I might just meet him later! HAHAHAHA!!! WATCH OUT, YO!

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