Friday, February 4, 2011

Today is Thursday! ---Was?

By the time I finish writing this post, it will officially be February 4, Friday. Internet is slow and my patience? Still there, thankfully.

Anyhoo, I have been obsessed with Ms. Sydney, and her awesome pictures, fashion sense, and AWKWARD-AWESOME THURSDAY! It's the only blog I check on a daily basis (well, sorta)... and it makes my heart happy! Hence, I shall be posting my first list of awkwardness and awesomeness!

1. Today, I finally met the new nanny of my cute nephew, Franco! Hmmm, it was awkward when she drank from the same glass I drank when I intended to leave it in the restaurant. Funny, and awkward.
2.  Today is Chinese New Year and my boss read a story to my students... I had a little blooper moment as I said something completely WRONG about the story and I was so embarrassed! Teacher (pointing to me) was obviously NOT paying attention!
3. We had parent-teacher meetings and a parent arrived during lunch break! I practically SWALLOWED my food without chewing! It was definitely awkward to greet the parents with food still stuck in my mouth!
4. It feels weird holding parent teacher meetings when here I am, a 26 year old, talking to a parent about their cognitive and emotional development. It feels strange. . .
5. I have been bringing the same lunch for the past 4 days. .  . I was proud to announce it.
6. I have been walking like a duck since yesterday cause my inner thighs are SORE from the workout I had last Monday

Freakin AWESOME:
1. I got hugs gallore from my students!
2. Work has been going smoothly this week and thank God I am not feeling tired or inept with what needs to be done in class!
3. I saw my nephew and bonded with him!!!
4. I got a cookie!!! I loveeee cookies!
5. After probably 30 minutes, internet access is speeding up! WOOOP! WOPPP!

Lately, I've been posting pictures taken in NYC. Aside from the fact that I haven't uploaded the pics from my camera, I want to share how awesome this city is. I just like pretending to be artistic and what not.
Shoot, I'm no photographer, but with these shots, I feel like a pro!


  1. hahah the first awkward about the nanny is freakin funny. cause you like don't wanna be like "oh.. uh that was Myyy glass..." and those photos are just lovely :) I just did the awkward&awesome thing, toooo. gotta luhv the daybook!

  2. love your photos!

    i hate it when working out makes you walk like an old woman, gives me a glimpse of things to come!