Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday is PRIZE DAY!!! (Well, Yesterday!)

Yesterday was PRIZE DAY and the kids just love hearing the prize box every FRIDAY! They don't get tired of it! CRAZYYYY!!! It's amazing how they go nuts over the same prizes every Friday!!

So I asked myself, "How about me!? Do I deserve a prize today?"


NUMBER ONE! I completed two homeworks due the next day, which is today. AHHH! The smell of victory!
2. I suggested something to my boss and didn't know it was the same idea that the co-directress suggested to her before. Yahoo fo' me!!! The idea was sold!
3. Took cute pictures of my students - no faces of course. Just hands!!! Cute hands!
4. A family observed our class and sat in for a few minutes. Since, I lead circle time, oh holy shmoley, it was show time! FORGET BREATHING or if I look harassed, I gotta put on a show, man! I mean, I think I do a pretty good job in leading the class (yeah, I have to give me some props for that. I believe I improved greatly) but since they are visitors, first impressions LAST! SOOOO! TADAAA! They are sending their child next school year.

WOOOP WOOOP! Go ginga, go ginga!!!

I drew that heart on my student's hand. I call it, "love balloon!"


  1. Hi! I saw your comment about the button & was going to give you the link to the blog that showed me how to do mine, but apparently it no longer exists! :(

    BUUUTT I think this should be helpful as well:

    Good luck! :)