Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Army Navy

The Chipotle version of Manila (Aaah, Chipotle. How I miss you). Last Sat, I hung out with some friends and realized I was the only mamacita in the group. Oh yeah! Me and them boyz. Guys are just "funner" to hang out with. That's just what's up.
1. Guys just don't care about what we girls care about.
2. Guys don't whine and complain.
3. They're messy (and gross) and it's really funny when they are. "Dude, ssseriously?"
4. They have a completely different kind of humor.
5. They're generally less dramatic which means less annoying.
6. Guys can be a breathe of fresh air --- not literally cause you know they ain't smelling pretty always! But you know what I mean.
Do you agree that guys can be better companions than girls!?  What ya think!?


  1. oh yeah! my bestfriend is a guy (John, a.k.a. my fiance. ehehe!) and then the next bestest/closest friend i have is also a guy...who happens to be our accountability partner (namin ni John).

    And why didnt I saw you last Sunday??? Saw these guys pero kaw hinde... ay teka, nung Sunday ba ito? lols :D

    And peyborit ko ARMY NAVY!!! Buritooooo!!!! :)

  2. SATURDAY naman kasi!

    YES! Hahaha, fun! High five, girl!

  3. lols! sat pala yan... oo nga, narealize ko hindi yan yung suot ni saki nung sunday! :D


  4. Bwahahaha anyway, i was going to comment on ur blog post but you dont allow that option - i think?... I was going to say,"future husband pala ah! Ikaw na!"