Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Back!!

I'm finally back and and am I happy about it!? NO! *whimpering like a kid*
Boracay was beautiful as usual. The scenery was beautiful, the people, the lifestyle, even the breakfast buffet was amazeballs! I couldn't ask for anything more (but maybe good set of abs would do! HAHA!) The beach life is much simpler and beautiful! I told my mom I wanted to live there and just forget about everything. She ignored me.

God gave us such awesome weather!!! Oh praise GOD!!! It was sunny all five days!

Here are some highlights from day one and two:
We arrived Boracay around 12ish. Here you can see a shuttle service and a speed boat to bring us to our destination. At night after dinner we walked off some calories. I spent the afternoon by the beach while my family took a nap and rested! I was too excited to be in BORACAY! 
Day two: Sister, dad, and I walked to station 1 and mom stayed under a shade to read a good book. Sister rested after our walk.
After dinner, the girls and dad enjoyed a rock band by the beach. The breeze was nice and cool. Mom went back to the hotel to rest. 
*more pictures tomorrow!*

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