Friday, January 6, 2012

Boracay: Day Two - Three

December 30 was the most traumatizing day my sister and I had in Boracay. We did an "extreme" sport with my dad: we rode on the "flying fish"!!!  It was all fun and exciting during the first few seconds. I found myself going, "Woohoo!!! Yeeeheeee!!" and wondered if there was more to it! I thought, "This is it!? Deng, I can do this!" --- SPOKE TOO SOON! Once the speed boat sped up and the movements got bouncier, I held on to dear life! There was a whole lot of tugging, jerking, hauling, pulling, and whatever adjectives you can use to describe that intense moment! My hands started to ache and stiffen up as I held on tighter and tighter. Sister even fell off and I felt like I was in some dramatic action scene where I stretched out my hand and called her out! "NOOOO!!!!!!" It really wasn't fun anymore! ! ! GAME OVER SUCKER! I AM DONE!
Once we hit land, I stared blankly and completely shocked by what just happened. I was so relieved it was over!

DOING THIS POST MAKES ME MISS BORACAY MORE!! Here are some fun memories.
Cute! Mom and dad playfully cuddle each other because dad was freezing cold while mom was feeling warm in their hotel room!!!
I LOVE ME SOME BFAST FOOD!!!!!!!!! --- and this hallway!!! I miss it!!! It's where I warm up before I stuff myself!
Sunset was taken during my walk with sister later in the afternoon.
Around 5ish, sister and I went to Station 3 to look for some fun things to buy! We bought a frisbee and 3 bikinis. She was considering a fake RayBan, too. She had me try it so I can see how it looks on me. Mirrors were not available! I also wanted to take this lil cutie home!!! I LOVE IT!!!
 **Day four and five and six to come!**


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