Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So this week has been pretty crazy --- BUT GOOD CRAZY! My emotions have been pretty up there and I've been wearing a smile. What can I say, I'm a happy bee. 

1. I just have to say it: crushing on someone and feeling 13 again --- seriously people!
2. "Ice skating" as I hold onto the wall and kid looking at me like, "WHAT are you doing!!?" She really did. She had her thing going on with her white-non-rental skates!
3. Burrito breath - nothin cool bout that.
4. Nodding and agreeing even if you absolutely have no clue on what the person is saying!!! Like STOP already, I dont wanna listen to you.
5. Randomly giggling and mom overhearing me to which she responds, "Hmmm-mmm!"

1. God's been blessing our little family business and mom's on FIRE!
2. Giving people my REAL age. I now feel invincible: yes people, I am the face of the future.
3. iPad2. They are just awesome, sexy, sweet technology! I sure would love to own one of those babies, but i think an iTouch with the cam is good enough. OOOH! I hope!
4. I almost forgot: I can play TWO songs now on the guitar!!! I cannot wait to share it with you! 3 weeks baby! I learned it in THREE WEEKS!


  1. Ate Gingerooo, i like your denim shorts, i think it's a good length. I've been so picky with shorts, coz I don't want something too short, haha. I sometimes do awkward #4, and even squint my eyes a little bit to look like i'm thinking, hahaha

  2. Hahaha! High five!!! Hahaha, squinting is a good idea, but how embarrassing will it be if they discover that you dont understand squat!?!