Friday, February 25, 2011

"Outfit Repeater!!!"

I seriously don't mind repeating outfits. I'm not one who buys  stuff and then uses them once in a year. I'm not from the Upper East Side - thanks.
Soo, as I was going through some sites, I stumbled upon Kendi Everyday and was instantly drawn to her 30 for 30 idea (left). Why? Because I realized that I have a lot (a lot means, I have at least 4 pairs of jeans, at least 10 tops, and at least 3 pairs of shoes - that's a lot compared to people who don't have any!) and I don't get to really maximize my closet without having to sigh in front of it and say, "Gosh... I don't have anything to wear! Time to shop!" Acck. I'm so doing this thing... It's also a way for me to save money and be a good steward of what I have.

Let's do this!
Oh wait, the only problem is... I wear uniforms to work! Therefore, I won't be able to blog about my outfits daily. I'll try. But as the rule say, "It doesn't matter.."

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