Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's About That Timmmme!!!

1. Walking home from work with glue stains on my ass (that I mean, at the back of my pants).
2. My black foot socks peeping out from my flats - makes me look like a grandma.
3. Being a third wheel - who says it's not an awkward thing!?
4. Telling my boss my desire to focus on my masters and complete it on time, and therefore praying about quitting work for a year.
5. Observing a teenager looking straight at herself in the mirror of our condo lobby as she strutted like some model. With large sun glasses and her hair all disheveled, I felt embarrassed for her as people stared at this mysterious person.

1. Free Shakeys meal from birthday party!!! HAHA
2. Taylor Swift concert! One more week to go!!!
3. Yummy salad for dinner!
4. Bonding with my nephew! He brightens up my day!
5. Seeing my cousin as the main ASIAN character on this video! Makes me proud! (Had to write Asian there! Hahaha.)

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