Friday, February 18, 2011

Eye of the Tiger!

1.  Yesterday, I found a hole at the back of my pants where the stitches are between my buttocks (sounds more decent)! Seriously, for the past two weeks, there has been an incident with my behind and my pants. Glue stains, a hole, what's next for next week!?
2. Wedgies... Finding a way out of it in public!
3. Dancing to Eye of the Tiger for our school's Moving Up Day Program - I feel so cool right now.

1. AND... Because of my dancing shoes, I finally came up with CHOREOGRAPHY for the song (my students, just the boys, are going to pretend to be Manny Pacquiao)!
2. Taking NAPS!!! Ahhh, the best! Energizes you like an energizer bunny!
3. Brewed coffee in the morning! Ahhhh, my condo smells like Starby (Starbux)!
4. Taylor Swift concert this Saturday!

Romper: Topshop
Photo Credits: Sister Dior


  1. This romper looks really cute :)

  2. The romper is adorable. And I love taking naps!

  3. ohhhnoo! dont you hate awkward pant holes? haha

  4. love the romper. but i've never been brave enough to wear one. :c