Tuesday, November 26, 2013

That One Answer

Had been musing over certain things lately, observing how we function as empty vessels. How social media has become a driving force or meter by which we feel either good or crappy and how these days, people live for likes and posts. Through the waves of hype and trend, we seem to move along with the direction that the current takes us, leaving us wanting more or feeling even more inferior. With whatever result this leaves us, we fail to remember Truths buried underneath superficiality. Who am I really living for. God? People? Facebook? Hmmm, not sure?

There is a sense of competitiveness in all of us that will drive us to be better in anything. Photos are not photos anymore... There's a motive somewhere, hoping that we receive favor. And of course, I'm no stranger to this idea. I'm not writing post because I'm about to do some protest with a banner on hand that says, "No to Selfies" or "Band Facebook!" But what I'm thinking is, where does this come from? What must I do to stay anchored?

Andy Stanley drove it home when he did the series, The Comparison Trap. He said that since the fall of man, our broken relationship with God has created a gap in all of us that this life will never satisfy. Because God is perfect and He's everything we're not, this unattached connection has made us incomplete.

The pursuit to stay on top will always be there until we fully recognize that the applause of man is never going to fill in the gap that only a Divine can fill. It will be a constant, exhausting, and bleak activity because we chase after idols whose role was never designed to do the job that only a Savior can do.

If you're a Christian, you know what's next.


Like any kind of story, it only makes sense that there be a protagonist to this whole tragedy. There must be ONE thing that "works" or fits well in the picture; one piece that completes the picture. And Jesus is the answer that mends the broken design that was meant to be before sin corrupted us. He is what we don't have and what this life can never give. I don't want to sound mystical or Christianese. But with every math problem, a formula must be followed to arrive at an answer. It's black and white. No shades of gray, yellow or blue. The answer will always be the same no matter what kind of technique you apply to solve it. Jesus is the "formula" and beyond. Only when we believe and see the significance of His act on the cross, will we realize that He really is the answer to this life's questions and problems. 

... And I am good with that. Such a complex world with a simple answer. Jesus is the answer I choose and I want to be where He is as I have tasted and seen that who He is to me is incomparable to what this life will ever offer me.

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