Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love Notes...

I didn’t think I’d do this but I think it’s time. 

I'm learning a whollle lot of awesome, good stuff about it anyway. 

Being in a romantic relationship is not all bed of roses. When two completely different people are put together, a lot of nasty, beautiful, crazy, and seemingly “irreconcilable differences” come alive like a roaring lion. You see your inadequacies, you see challenges, you see the disappointments. It is a selfless pursuit to glorify God and to make it "work." Moreover, it is a conscious effort to be reminded that love is not an emotion. Hot or cold, you must love with a choice because real love is such as that.

It takes humility and understanding to leave all things petty and focus on the essentials. Elisabeth Elliot said, “What a lot of heartbreak would be avoided if we would concentrate on the essentials and skip the rest.” BOOM! Many of us, especially us women, are drawn to the ideal picture. Christian man equals no disappointments. Christian man equals roses and letters galore. Christian man equals spiritual leadership all the way. But guess what, Christian man equals sinner, too. What great relief to always remember that we choose to be with a sinner who is beyond perfection and in need of grace just like you and me.

Welps. That’s the real talk part, the beautiful talk part is that love comes alive when you love with the love of Christ. You enjoy each other more as you realize that at the end of the day, God works in all of us individually. You can let go and let God. And as your relationship is churned to “perfection” you become the best for that person everyday. Andy Stanley asked, “Are you becoming the person that the person you’re looking for is looking for?” We have expectations of people, but we are blinded to our own areas of improvement. God is constantly changing us and "every relationship is an opportunity to practice being the person God wants us to be."

Amen for relationships.
Amen for change.
Amen for love.

Love is awesome and this love can only be given if we get it from the real source of LOVE who is Jesus Christ. 

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