Friday, August 10, 2012


I bought this bracelet to remind me not to complain. 

Many times I've compared situations with others not realizing I am just fine. Yes, there is a land called "-Er" where everything's greater, nicer, prettier, lovelier, younger, sweeter, richer, etc. But when you really think about it,  these are all temporary. When we replace our earthly perspective with an eternal one, we realize that these things are petty. Though it gives us certain status or feeling, we will always want more and the cycle never ends. "There is no win in comparison" (Andy Stanley). We're one and the same before ONE King - PERIOD.

Put your security in Jesus. You are blessed. Take the time to know what that means and assess yourself. 
But if you ever catch yourself sulking or whining, slap yourself and shrug off the negativity! :o) Usually works! HEHE!
gold watch (Fossil); blue bracelet (from Israel); "I Am Blessed" bracelet (The Bead Shop)

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