Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stephanie Dan

So... I'm excited for my friend... Her name is Stephanie Dan (we call each other PANGGA for "MAHAL" in Ilonggo) and she's coming out with her FIRST album soon. She's doing all covers for now, but once that's out, she'll work on original tracks. I'm so proud of her! These days, she's been busy with all this recording and voice trainings, God bless her. --> I just hope she'll still remember me when she's a super star, dancing and singing for ASAP or Eat Bulaga! WAHAHAHA!

Please support her. If you live in Manila, please request her song, FIREWORK.
For 96.3 FM Txt easy Firework by Stephanie Dan/ Your Message to 2600 or to Facebook.com/easyrock963
For 91.5 FM Txt energy name and location and firework by Stephanie Dan to 2948 or facebook.com/pages/915-energy-fm/209361891502

Isn't she a beauty!???
 Hope you request for her song!


  1. *thumbs up* ;o)

  2. I hear her song's been getting a lot of good feedback on Easyrock! Great job Pane! :)

    Did you take these pictures Gen?:)