Friday, May 20, 2011

LATE Awesome and Awkward Thursday!

1. Controlling your urge to fall asleep in class and you're going cross-eyed.
2. Walking alone in the mall and a man -OLD MAN- looks at you from head to toe - and back again. Creepeeeh.
3. Walking unknowingly that my shoes are TALKING shoes! :o)
4. Hyperacidity - feel like a granma.
5. Looking pale without artificial coloring (make-up, I mean) and you don't know it.
6. Doing that pouty-modelish face up there... 

1. Completing my first year in masters.
2. Water! What's not to love. In this sweltering heart, water is definitely a gift. 
3. Photography. I am loving it. I'm of course quite amateur with all of this (cause all I own is a simple point and shoot Sony thats like plastic) but who can't appreciate a great picture?
4. Baby sitting twice this week. My nephew is a gift from God.
5. Credit cards. Nuf said.
6. Friends. . . Friends who care, friends who care to listen... who care to CARE... friends who can laugh with you. 
7. Life.


  1. Awesome A&A's!! Congrats on completing your first year in masters!

    XO, Katie
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  2. Hahaha, I can't! I live all the way here in the Philippines!