Tuesday, September 11, 2012

God in a Sandwich

So remember the crackers I ate yesterday? Well, the Lord definitely turned my mourning into dancing! lol! Lemme tell you!

During that sad moment of forced contentment, I said, "Lord, a sandwich sounds good right now... Im hungry!" Around 730ish, I left work but turned back immediately due to my OCD tendencies! I had to double check the drawers at my cubicle and make sure I didn't leave anything. As I walked out, I thought that it was an unnecessary waste of time to go back even if I knew I had locked it. I consoled myself, however, by acknowledging that every delay has a purpose and a reason. 

On my way to the elevators, I saw a friend who jokingly invited me to join her meeting so I can grab something to eat (she knew I was hungry! Poor me). I declined but went with her anyway to say hi to the people at the meeting. Thereafter, I walked away but my friend called me out and waved a sandwich in the air!


(Okay, that picture below is not what she gave. That picture is c/o Pinterest!) 

When she handed me the food, I gleefully held onto it and said, "God, You are amazing!"
Indeed, every delay and every waiting period has its purpose and reason. You just have to find Him in the situation.