Thursday, December 1, 2011


My friend opened a milk tea place called Sip. I love the name and the interior design of his shop. It's contemporary, chill, and very urban-ish. I even love the logo. How adorable is that logo!? I told him to name it Gingerbee, but he doesn't want to. I strongly believe that it is such big loss for him. It'd be totally REVOLUTIONARY if he considers. LOL! So what does Sip serve? He has flavored teas (lemon yakult, hazelnut, green tea, etc.), of course milk tea, and little snacks to nibble on. Here are some funny quotable quotes by him (I can hear him in my ear).
You can't make good milk tea without good tea (it's 50% of the name for crying out loud). 
We've stained our tongues brown and green until we found the right teas to use for our milk teas. 
We also treat tea properly. Using the proper equipment (not a coffee maker, or an espresso machine), at the optimum temperature, for the right amount of time. We steep our teas because that's what we're supposed to do (duh!) (if tea was supposed to be treated like coffee people would say brew the tea not steep (those who say brew the tea should read more)). But it's not, because tea is delicate and sweet with a touch of smokiness (coffee machines will burn the teas because the water is meant for coffee and not tea which will make it bitter unless they use crappy tea to begin with). 
Seriously. We're different because we make better milk teas. Milk teas that taste like milk and tea blended together properly (awesome!). Not like sugar (though you can adjust that), and not like crappy, bitter, burnt tea! And at the end of the day, if we weren't better and sucked bad we wouldn't be here.
For more details, check out the website or just go to the place itself! HAHA!
Have a sip!

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