Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strong Enough...?

Revelation. When I am down, I find myself dwelling on my emotions much more than being still before God.  I listen to what my mind tells me more than believing who He really is. I doubt in my heart that He is able to lift me up. I resort to superficial and temporary fixes to cover up the cuts and the bruises, but I am left empty. Exhausted and weary, I run back to the One whom I was made for. Unnecessary chaos. Unnecessary struggle. But God is faithful to envelope me again even if I have doubted His comfort.


You are my light
You are my strength
You are my Rock
On You I stand

I lift my voice
I raise my hands
I lift my soul
With all I am

In Christ forever I'll stand
I will believe

You are strong enough
In my weakness
God be lifted up
And I will sing
Lift Your praises high
Lord be magnified
You make all things new
I will believe

So, hear this song
Receive our praise
You are our strength
For all our days

We lift You up
Our voices high
In every storm
Let God arise

Oh, Your love
Your love it never fails
Your love, it knows no end
Your love will never fail

Oh, Your love
Stronger than my shame
Greater than my pain
Your love will never fail

I will believe.

1 comment:

  1. "But God is faithful to envelope me again even if I have doubted" -relate very mats!!!! :)

    indeed God is faithful even when we are faithless. :)