Thursday, June 27, 2013


Bend: Though the truth hurts, it's necessary that we grow from that. I will bend to fight.
Challenge: I am challenged to step out of my comfort zones and experience faith in its purest, most authentic way. I will challenge myself to step out more.
Humble: I am hungry to be corrected, hungry to find my place in Him as I recognize how far I've stepped away. I will humble myself when I know I am wrong.
Tender: Seeing my selfishness, I want to remove these self-reflecting lenses and be more others-centered. I will be more tender.
Strong: The fighter in me has lost its strength and focus. I will be strong and will put emotions below my identity in Jesus. 
Focus: On Jesus and Jesus alone, I will fix my eyes on Him.
Knowing this, I know that there might be a standard or ideal that may eventually spring up, but in reality, the little things count most. I do not need to climb Mt. Everest (well, I could) to make a point or conclude that I am now a better being, but I know those little steps will count for something greater. 
By God's grace and the constant filling of the Holy Spirit, I can be better!

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