Monday, May 27, 2013

Hong Kong

I was thinking about how my summer went and just when I was about to fuss over the things that I wasn't able to do, my disposition quickly changed when I REMEMBERED that I got to travel twice. So, what's going on!? Should I complain about forgetting these blessings in my life or should I complain about how I didn't get to check-off some goals on my To-Do List?


My family and I went to Hong Kong last month. We stayed in Kowloon City, which quite frankly, made me feel outdated. The people in Hong Kong are mad stylish! From cars to bags to shoes, people have their swag on. Just to make you know how people take fashion seriously, some would wear nerdy glasses without lenses! It looks absolutely silly, but from afar, it completes their look! The women, even sales clerks, look polished from head to toe. Sleek and stylish! Their hair, their make up, their style... Who cares if their bags are fake, they look good!

Overall, I enjoyed my stay. I enjoyed eating, walking, the cool breeze, the shopping, and yes, people-watching. The city also reminded me of New York. Times Square and 5th Avenue to be specific. 


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