Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Week

It has been a very interesting WEEK! Seriously!!

Monday started out really well. Nothing major happened, but the fact that I woke up excited for something and feeling that the day was going to be a good day, made a lot of difference. Perhaps, it was all that prayer and intimacy that I experienced during prayer and fasting in church.Hmmmmm.... 

At night I waited for mom in GCF. I finally checked out the new chapel and spent a few minutes reading there. It was nice.

Tuesday, I started the day right, I prayed and played Christian songs. When I got to work early, I quickly checked my FB and saw that I was tagged. I knew the girl who tagged me, but I didn't know the guy who took it. I clicked on it and found this:

Hahaha, I was really surprised. During service, I was spotted. It felt funny, but I felt nice! (Just want to say that I'm not trying to prove anything here. Please don't get me all wrong thinking that I'm some self-righteous freak :o)

After work, I went to Podium to pick up an item that I had reserved. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and I was disappointed. What can you do? 

I attended night watch with my parents. It was good.

On Wednesday, it started to pour around the time that I had to leave for school. I was worried cause I wasn't wearing the right shoes for the weather and who wants to walk in the rain!?! But despite that, the Lord provided a way MOST CONVENIENT for me. My co-worker dropped me off half way and I took the FX going to school. Around this time, the rained was not as strong and the driver passed a different route which was right in front of the school! AWESOME! I didn't get wet.

Then there was Thursday. We had a field trip to Fun Ranch. It was fun and a SUCCESS! I was also able to do a book just for the field trip... It was cute. The only sad part about this day was that I accidentally stepped on a kitten!!! WAHHH! I seriously don't like cats!!! You never know if they're behind you, beside you, or by your feet!!!

After work, I went to Shangri-La to pick up the item that I had reserved. I was hoping that this time it would not turn out to be a failed attempt. On my way to my main destination, I dropped by a store and heard a familiar voice! It was my friend on the radio! I texted her and said, "Hi!" She then greeted me and I felt really NICE once again! HAAHAA. 

When I arrived at the store, the main purpose of why I was at Shang, I started to question whether or not I really wanted the item! "I always feel this way! Make up your mind!!!" So I decided to take a walk and think think think! I bought my favorite juice and made conversations with myself! Hahaha. Then finally made a decision to buy it. 

After that, I made a spontaneous decision to drop by Forever21 in Mega Mall.  I got there not expecting anything. I just wanted to check out the new styles and be inspired. THEN I found something that I have been looking for. Woop Woop! Amazing steal. I was really happy! I was literally dancing in the dressing room! 

When I was done with my little shopping spree, my mom told me that it was raining... I dashed out of the mall and got worried. I was wearing my Crocs this time, but tell me, who likes rain!? But yet again, God made me feel secure. He came to my rescue and the rain stopped. I got to the condo all dry.

Friday, the last day of the Field Trip. It was crazy humid and HOOOOT! I enjoyed myself with the afternoon class, which had lesser kids, and I finally got to ride on the TRAIN! LOLS!!! HA!!! It was also on this day that my co-workers and I were laughing our heads off during our break. I still laugh about what we talked about up to now. When I got home, I worked on the report due for this day. I stayed up until 3:30 AM doing it. I was satisfied and excited to do my report.

Saturday! TODAY! I woke up with a smile and wore the pants I got in F21. I was ready to go until my parents and I realized that our neighbor blocked our car so we couldn't leave right away. I texted my professor and made it to school probably 5-10 minutes late. When I got there, THE PROF. himself was late! HA! I still arrived early! See, it's one of those days when you wish things like this would happen!

Then I got nervous about my report because I suddenly realized that I might not have saved it in its compatible format. Ichecked it and thankfully tt worked on my classmate's computer. BUT the video didn't! I was sad, but what can you do!?

During class I was going through my notes and felt confident with what I had prepared. But towards the end of the period, I double checked my material and FLIPPED OUT!!! I realized that I actually worked on the wrong TOPIC!!! NO JOKE! It was the wroooong topic! I immediately talked to the prof. and informed him. He laughed in confusion but he was very considerate. He smiled and said, "It's okay, it happens! Let's do it next session." WHEW!!! No points were taken off. He was kind and I was happy that he was okay with it! But I guess he felt that way because he was eager to go home when he said he wanted to leave after my report. HA! With this though, I was sad because of the effort I put into it.

Sigh! "It happens."

After class, my friend and I had lunch together. We talked and talked until our conversation got really interesting. We talked about religion and her faith as a saved Catholic. She explained certain things to me and I learned from her. I appreciate her a lot and I thanked God for what happened.

When I got to the condo, the elevators were yet again under maintenance. Only one elevator was working and people were squeezing to get in. As soon as I got inside, I felt a little nervous. We were a lot and I needed OXYGEN!!! "AIIIRRR!!!"

As soon as the elevator passed level 2, guess what? It stopped for a good 10-15 seconds. I was about to collapse!!! No joke, I was trying to open the doors. I told myself, "You shouldn't have! You shouldn't have!!!!!!!" WAHHHH!!! I needed to get out. The elevator made strange sounds and a jerky movement leading us back down to LG. I IMMEDIATELY STEPPED OUT AND PRAISED THE LORD FOR MY FREEDOM!!! It was such a horrifying experience!!!

Night time... I picked up a Christmas gift from my friend's house. I felt so blessed to receive a present especially after telling God that I wanted to buy a new lip balm and to be specific, I wanted one that was minty! And this is what I got!
YAYNESS!!! It is one of my favorite products by C.O. Bigelow!!!

So that's that!!! Ahhh. I feel so blessed and now I'm ready to sleep.

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