Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Artsy and Weak

I'm feeling much better compared to yesterday and since I've been pretty much stuck in bed, I was productive enough to do a lot of school work and have the time to fiddle around with some old pictures. 
Didn't realize I had some skillz. HA!


  1. you definitely got the skillzzz yo!!! love 'em pictures. keep shootin'. the pictures with the fed ex truck are awesome...the picture leads the viewer into the picture. hehe but my favorite would be the west 33rd picture. hehe aside of course from the pictures of yourself. :-) GOOD JOB!!! i hope you're having fun with the camera!!! hehehe God bless gin!!!

  2. Shut-up! That's freakin awesome! (Did I just sound like a white girl!?? HAHAH!!!!) Thanks! Im glad to know! WOOP WOOP!