Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Wishful and I'm Thankful

Thanks to my favorite blogger, Katie, I thought to plug in my thoughts on what I'm wishful and thankful for. 


I wish to meet God's best so I can enjoy going on dates, enjoy loads of hugs, and many many more...
I'm thankful that I'm still single and enjoying what's in front of me. I know God is refining me to be the best WIFE and mother (oh crud, what a scary thought!)

I wish that I had the brain of a genius and physical strength that doesn't easily tire so that I didn't have to quit my job... But...
I'm thankful that I was given this privilege to go back to school...

I wish that I live in a country where there are tons of parks and GREEN STUFF! But
I'm thankful that I live in a country where I'm close to my family and where people can freely worship God. I'm thankful that God belongs in this CITY!

I wish that I can find more awesome places to just take pictures...
I'm thankful that I can use my room or the area I live in as my studio - for now

I wish that my blog was as popular as others so that I can reach out to more people and be a light...
I'm thankful for whoever comes across my blog... if I can make just one person inspired and get down on their knees for God, then I did my job...

I wish I don't feel so sluggish right now!
I'm thankful for the much needed vacation!

I wish I can stop typing because I have way tooo many wishes that causes me to intentionally think of things to be thankful for!!! HAHAHA
I'm thankful that I have enough to be thankful for!! HAHAHAHA So I have no excuse to not be content with life.


  1. im thankful for you!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. You are truly inspiring when it comes to fashion and using this blog to be a light in this world. I am no inspired to share my faith on my blog and integrate more of God's good word and truth. Thank you,


  3. AWW!! I love your wishes and thanks! These are so awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)