Friday, April 15, 2011

Double A's

1. I just have to mention it: Twister Fries! Such awesome goodness that's seasonal until next year! (OH MAN!!!)
2. Teaching a class of college and highschool students and knowing that they're engaged with my lesson.
3. Having the confidence to live by Nikes's motto: Just Do It! If you have the urge to do something, do it but don't be reckless and STUPID!
4. Sleeping in! What's not to LOVE!!! THANK YOU, Lord!
5. Attending Bible Study yesterday (Thursday night) even if it was just a few of us.
6. CHEETOS TWISTED PUFFS! I can eat a whole bag! But I won't cause it's bad. 

1. When I was still employed, it felt awkward helping my boss out with some computer problems cause at one point I felt like the blind leading the blind, but when I was sure, I just wanted to grab her laptop and do everything on my own! Hahaha.
2. What's awkward is when you're in an elevator with a guy who's quite heavier than the average male size and all you hear is his deep breathing.
3. Being in the elevator with two hot guys and it's just the three of you. Then you're thinking, "Hmmm, should I glance to admire the beauty bestowed upon them or should I stare at the numbers as I awkwardly freeze up?"
4. Again, being in an elevator alone, and when the doors open up, a hottie walks in and you're caught off guard. It's like a movie scene and you can't help but look away cause you blush with a thought, "Shoot, he's cute." Then the movie ENDS and the violin STOPS as the doors close with him walking away, leaving you nostalgic and dreamy. *Yeah, my elevator stories, I live in a condo and being stuck in the elevator promises lots of interesting stories to tell*
5. Conversing with someone with bad breath. I'm sorry, I'm not saying I don't ever have bad breath, but it's hard, man! You have to pretend that you have a bad cold so you can breathe through your mouth, producing a nasal sound! And every time you back up, they come closer... And then you back up, then they come closer... UNTIL YOU'RE CORNERED!!!
6. MAINTAINING eye contact with your professor while he's lecturing and looking straight at YOU!
7. Going to a university with college people looking much older than me! Life. Just gotta embrace it.

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