Monday, September 5, 2011

Yes, I Am One Of Those...

I am one of those who take pictures in the fitting room. I have to. The other day I couldn't decide which top to get. I am usually very indecisive when it comes to buying things and "if I were a boy" I wish I could just walk into a store, grab something wearable and go. DONE.
So what did I get? (I can't believe I'm sharing this, wahaha)
Was it A?
Or C?
If you saw me yesterday, you know what I chose. I like all three. But the first one was too kiddie. I like the color. I like the big HEART, but my fez... it looks too young to be wearin some teenage tee. The next one. Well, Im semi obsessed with animal prints. No complaints. The last one is definitely fun top. Compared to the first one, I think this probably added 5 years to my age, which makes me hmmmm, 22 --- but still not my real age!!! 
SOOO after all that little photoshoot, I had to drop everything, walk it off, and process. LOL.

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