Thursday, July 21, 2011

David! David! David!!!

I met one of the sweetest guys in the world! He's so handsome, he has green eyes (but looks brown or hazel sometimes), beautiful smile, and AMMMAZZING voice! O.M.G. I would marry him but he's just 20!!! Everyone, meet my boyfriend, David Archuleta. Wahahaha.
So my uncle is the guy wearing plaid and here we are... havin a little chit chat :o) Wahahaha
Someone looks giddy. - - !
 Oh my... I was literally a kid again. Like I said before I've never been this excited about meeting a celebrity. Actually, I could care less. But because I know it's possible, WHHYYY not! And I love Archuleta... He's just a sweetheart. He's too lovable to turn down. Hoooo. I can't believe it. His hand, by the way, is like a baby's bottom lol!

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