Sunday, March 6, 2011

Idols of Bling

"In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit."  Judges 18:6

The Book of Judges records a dark period of about three hundred years of the Israelites. The cycle of sinning, deliverance, and repentance is prominent throughout the entire book because of how the Israelites repeatedly rebelled against God, but He would intervene by raising up judges or elders to save the nation from the hands of their enemies. Once the judge dies, the people would return to their evil ways by turning to idols and worshipping their false gods.

In chapter 17, Micah and his mother had good intentions of worshipping God, but it was not in accordance to the Lord’s teachings. They fashioned their consecrated silver into an idol and hired a Levite whose duties were only to be performed in the tabernacle. But because the Levite conceded to his offer, Micah interpreted this as God’s favor upon his life because he worshipped Him through the idols.

Often times we have good intentions but the way we do things is not in accordance to God’s will for us. For instance, sometimes we think that piling up on our ministries is the right thing to do because we are serving God yet we take our other responsibilities such school or work for granted. We do things that we think is right in the eyes of the Lord, but in reality God is not pleased.

It is essential for us to grow in knowledge of God’s word in order for us to understand and truly know how we should live our lives as Christians and how to make godly choices. By spending time reading the Bible, we will be able to strengthen our convictions and know what is true in Gods eyes.

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