Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Already?!? 2 More Days.

It seriously doesn't feel like Christmas. Why do I keep saying this? Well, when I was growing up every street corner around my neighborhood would sparkle with bright Christmas lights! The houses, the streets, would be heavily decorated and it seemed like people took the holidays wayyy too seriously. This time, people would rather save on electricity and be more practical with the decorations. . . Like us! HA!

Anyway, have any of you peeped through your presents already? My sister and I used to do that all the time when we were young. We were even considerate enough to tape it all back after!

Hmmm... If I were to choose my presents... These are what I will give ME!

Que linda!!! Ay ay ay!!! FOSSIL
I wish it was cold enough (for a few days) to wear this gray wool booties!!!
Waaay too precious! Imma need shades! TOMS

Ohwell... all good things must come to an end. Enough day dreaming... off to do school work.

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